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Hello and welcome to, the home of budding writers and occasional bloggers alike. This is the place you can create a free blog, just for you or to share with others, on whatever subject you like. has been designed for those who have always loved the idea of blogging and have wanted to create a free blog, but have just never got around to it or found the right place. Blogging is the way forward and many of the world events you see you see in the news are reported about on blogs as they happen, long before they get in to newspapers or on television.

There is not the only purpose for a blog though; many people create a free blog with sites such as choseit in order to write about their loves, their interests and their passions. Blogs can be personal, informative or just a way to get your work, your business or your voice out there.

Why not take the chance to create a free blog today and to teach or inform people about something you are interested in? There is no bad use for a blog, although do not personally accept any blogs with adult or gambling themes. However, the chance is here for you to create a free blog and do something valuable with your time.

Here at choseit we use RSS feeds to make sure that people can get updates on their favourite blogs the moment new content goes up, and we also provide tips on how to get people interested in the first place. When you decided to create a free blog with us you will get access to our many themes and plugins, so you can make sure that your blog reflects you in the best possible way.

If you want to be a writer then put your work in a place where those interested in what you write about can find it. Why risk rejection of your work when you can create a free blog with us and just talk to those who share your passions or interests?